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I did want to share the option-click on add printer button, since afaik that's not documented anywhere and is nicer if you don't want to go through the cups web interface. Alas and alack, on OS X So for newer Macs, this trick won't work.

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I was able to add a printer that way, and can print to it through the command line, but the native mac interfaces don't see the printer queue I added by hand. It doesn't show up in the printer System preferences tool, either, although one can see it through the cups web interface. This gives me only a very crippled printing facility. But I agree with you. I had to do nothing to print to any of the multitude of CUPS print queues multiple ones per printer, no less in our department served by Linux boxes.

I didn't have to set "raw" on either box, but I may try that since printing takes a few minutes to spool the test page. Contrary to several comments below, there is a problem printing to printers served by CUPS servers that are not on your local subnet. Comments below that say "it just worked without any intervention from me" are clearly connecting to CUPS servers on their local subnet.

Connections to CUPS servers on your local subnet do occur automatically.

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When the CUPS server is on a remote subnet, it is hard to get printing to the printers it serves to work from a Mac. Now, if you have a CUPS server that is not on your local subnet, there is a simpler way to print to the printers it serves than described by the hint. Where server. Then, you need to restart cupsd accomplished by me by restarting my Mac; in linux I would have just run the restart init script for cupsd.

Now, the printers served from the CUPS server will show up as shared printers on your Mac when you go to print. I had no problem getting a shared printer to stick as a default.

Install with CUPS (Mac, Linux)

Expanding on budGibson's response. You also need to have Browsing On and possibly BrowseProtocol cups set in the cupsd. Otherwise your computer won't look for the cups printer, even though you set BrowsePoll. Cheers, Gregory. I've seen so many convoluted solutions to this, but none of them seem to hit the fact that CUPS is supposed to be pretty much self-configuring. I'd tried all these routes too, playing about with the web interface and so in, and in the end completely scrapped my cupsd.

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The result? It broadcasts the list of printers and OSX just picks it up by default.

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Note my machines are on the same subnet and protected by an external firewall, and my printer HP Deskjet is already working from Linux Here's "cupsd. My mac can see the linux print queue, put the printer says Network host ' Printing works fine from the linux box. Can anyone suggest a solution? Lost your password? Powered by the Parse.

Printer-Installation for MAC OSX (and Unix Systems)

More Mac Sites: After weeks of fiddling with the settings and trying to decipher the crappy documentation I finally can print to my Epson Photo off my Linux server. Now let's see if it'll also work with my old HP G55 which seems unshareable Btw, my Mac also shows a printer on the linux box automagically both in Print Center and the CUPs web interface, but can't actually print to it.

There seems to be a problem with an invalid name, which I don't have the authority to change either on the Mac or on Linux. Ho-hum, so much for automatic discovery of resources. I spent some time on the weekend trying to do this as well. The printer I'm using is a Canon S for which linux does not have a very good driver. So i set up a raw queue on my linux box and i can see it on my iBook.

Mac OS X Network Printing Techniques - Eric Gadsby, Stanley Patterson

I have the canon drivers installed on the ibook and it will detect and properly use them when i try to access the printer via usb. Unforunately they do not show up in the list of available printer types under Print Centre when trying to configure the raw linux printer. If i select other, it wants me to choose some file, does anyone know what this file is suppose to be? Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. More Mac Sites: Macworld MacUser iPhone Central.

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I was looking at some of the previous hints and did not find anything useful as far as printing to a shared printer CUPS in Linux. Currently, Windows can print to it fine via Samba check the docs - with newer Samba versions, it requires adding two lines to the smb.

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As far as adding the printer to your Mac OS X Start by going to http: Go to the Administration section and click on Add Printer. On the first screen with Name, Location, and Description, most of this is irrelevant. Pick a name, enter some descriptive info, and click Continue.

Installing Drivers

On the next screen, click the Device pop-up menu and select "Internet printing protocol http " and click continue. Problem solved. So, on a terminal session at the Mac, just type. Posted on Jun 20, 5: Page content loaded. Jun 18, 6: The issue will be that you've made it a local RAW printer. Note that some vendors printer drivers have not been designed to work with cross-platform connections.

So you may have to look at an open source driver if the printer does not support Postscript. Jun 20, 5: