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If you are building in the same OS, the demo should start to run in full screen mode as a standalone application. You may notice that the graphical fidelity is not as high as the pre-built demo. You will need to change some additional project settings to get a better looking scene. Set the values in this menu to the following:. An anti-aliasing value of 2X is ideal - 4x may be used if you have performance to spare, and 8x usually isn't worth it.

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Now rebuild the project again, and the quality should be at the same level as the pre-built demo. PC builds create a single executable file that may be used in either Direct Display or Extended Display modes. PC Build Target: Configuring for Build This section describes building your project to PC and mobile targets.

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This week, while you work on your game, we will discuss how to polish, balance, and optimize your game and future games , build the game for various modern platforms, as well as bring the game to market. These lectures and readings contain a wealth of game making goodness that I hope will inspire and excite you.

Build Settings and Player Settings

As always, if you are having troubles with a concept, quiz, or technical issue with Unity or the project, you should post on the Discussion Forum to ask for help. Remember to be a good Coursera community member and help others out when you can. Let the final crunch commence! Building for WebGL 4: Building for PC and Mac 8: Building for iOS Building for Android 6: Brian Winn.

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Unity - Manual: Standalone

You often get the best performance out of Unity when you create a standalone game. In this lecture, we'll build our game as a standalone Windows executable and. Mac OS X application. Our objectives will be to explore the standalone player settings, build for. Windows, build for Mac and demo the standalone configuration screen.

And I'm currently on the web GL preview. So let me switch to PC Mac and Linux standalone. And then make sure the target platform is set at Windows. And notice there's also the ability to change the architecture. You can switch between standard x86 processor and a 64 bit processor.

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For right now I'll just stick with the standard 32 bit processor,. So let me go ahead and open up the sub tabs here. A lot of what you're gonna do is in resolution and presentation. I'm gonna mostly go with the defaults here. But just realize we're defaulting to full screen,. We're defaulting to the native resolution.

So that's whatever resolution your user actually has set on their computer. So it's gonna make that as the default. Then there's a variety of settings to understand along player options. Most notably under the supported aspect ratios. So if I open this, you'll see that all of these ratios are currently supported,. If for some reason your game needed to be in a given aspect ratio you can uncheck.

So if for example, maybe your game only works in 4 by 3 or only works in 16 by 9,. So let me move down under icon. You can see that the default icon that we've set at the top. And you can see all the different versions,. Depending on the make up of your icon, you might have a high resolution for. If I bring over the no background version again here,. So you could have a custom icon, for example, for.

Given that this is basically a very pixellated image to start with,. So I'm okay, I could turn off, override and just go with the default. The splash image is what is actually shown in the banner. I did include a sample of that splash image, which I'll go ahead and drag. And then of course we've got the other settings. So these are all the custom settings for rendering, for configuration, and. Once again when you're just building for testing you might stick with the defaults. But it's nice to have all of these options at our fingertips,.

So for example, there's virtual reality support right here, this is support for.

PC Build Target: Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X

There's stereoscopic rendering, which you might use for. So these options are right here that you could go ahead and. So let me go ahead and build. So, Super Sparty Brothers, or whatever game you're building. And I'll click Save. And this will go through the process of building the Windows player in this case. So there's the.

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