Wc3 mac os x lion

Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne on Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

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Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne on Mac OS X Yosemite with Wineskin

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Apr 1, Hi I have the new macbook pro 13 inch and I was trying to download warcraft 3 and the frozen throne off of battle. I use the mac version but after it downloads and I go to install theres a big crossed out sign over the application to install. It's to my understanding the cds are meant for powerpc macs only but the battle.

Can anyone please help me?

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This is working as intended for the moment. WC3 is not fully updated for Lion. You can read more here: Contact a rep direct! Apr 2, Sorry I'm unable to google the answer myself. I use suddenlink and with their new policies I am locked out of many websites such as google: I figured out how to convert, just not how to replace. Thanks man! To replace the icon, you need to open the Wineskin configuration utility open your Applications folder in Finder, then right-click on your Diablo II application and click Show Package Contents. I found that I had to reset the computer to get the icon to change in the Applications folder.

But, were you able to get patch 1. Mountain Lion will not run the patches, nor can I get Wineskin Winery to run these patchers as executables. Patching from inside the game which does run fine via Battle. Ok well. I cannot explain it. Fricking excellent work sir! You have given me probably the best Christmas gift I will ever get this year. This is epic. Hey, thanks for the great information! Brood War will run on my OS Is this the same issue everyone is having? Not quite. This article is referring to OS X No guarantees though!

Anyway, Merry Christmas!! Thanks, marzzbar. I appreciate the reply. Any idea what might be going on? Like I said though: What am I doing wrong? I downloaded the windows version installer from battle. I ended up fixing my problem. However, I have another problem with step 4 on installing the patches for Starcraft. I download the patch of of battle. What happens when you try to run the patch?

Try updating the game by going to battle. This should automatically update your game. Any suggestions on that? I even tried to reinstall RoC into a different wrapper and try to then get TFT to install in that one. But no luck. Hi James. How are you trying to install Frozen Throne? Double-click on this. It should open the installer and run, much like the Reign of Chaos installer. Thanks a ton! Great to hear! I was thinking: I dunno. Anyway, glad you got it working!! No installer data could be found, please contact Blizzard support. I ran the installer like you said, but when I try to run the wineskin it asks if I want to run the uninstall any ideas on how to fix that?

I also was confused on if I needed to install any patches? Just go to battle. It works that way, because when you download Mac Version it downloads all kind of instal files with. So I use it to install SC with Wine, and it works. It sounds like maybe you had issues with the downloader for the installer?

I had issues with the game running really slow, but to fix this I used an older version of wine as listed above 1. See if this helps? Also tried to do something with some winetricks, but it does nothing, or just a little make the game faster in main menu. Great help! Everything works.. I am trying to play Star Craft on Battle net and it just crashes.

Is this whole process to just play star craft story mode or is there a way also play on line? Ah, damn. Just realised, battlenet crashes online for me as well: I fixed it!! You need to open the Wineskin utility for the wrapper you made, click Advanced, go to the Tools tab and click Winetricks. Then you should be good to go: I might add this to the blog post…. I have the latest version of the macbook 17 inch before they discontinued it..

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It seems like it sorta lags and when i open the menu screen or battled net. For battle net I have to move the mouse around the screen to be able to see the background and just visually see what is in front of me. Is the gameplay smooth enough? Or does that lag too? And hey, no need to apologize! Thank you for asking the questions! Thanks for the thorough walkthrough. You rock, Marzzbar. I got halfway through step 3. I clicked choose set up executable and selected the. Any advice? Thanks in advance. Hey man, download the Mac downloader from the battle. This will download the both the mac and windows installer.

Then, you run the installer using wineskin. Hope this helps! First of all, thanks for this guide! Could you post a screenshot somewhere? As far as I understand it, you navigate to your installer file and run that, and then if it asks you for an installation path, you just leave it as default. Other people in the comments have reported success by downloading the Mac version of Starcraft, since this includes the Windows installer as well. Maybe give this a shot?

That did the trick! Thanks very much for your help, and thanks again for this invaluable guide. No worries, glad it worked for you. So I was able to get Starcraft starting normally. I launched it then went to Battle. Just kidding. Hope no one runs into this problem. Ahhh, good to hear! Glad you got it working in the end. I get to the point where I download Starcraft anthology from Blizzard the windows vers. I open starcraft and it brings up the blizzard downloader windows vers.

I have tried countless ways and places to install it yet it says Invalid Path. I figured it out though; I opened it using wine bottler.

How to play classic Blizzard games on Mac OS X Mountain Lion | Marzzbar's Blog

I installed into the C-drive. Hey so I followed your instructions and everything seems to work but when I go on battle. Any way on how to fix this? Nah sorry man, not sure how to fix this. Lots of people using wine have this problem. It still works well enough though, just looks a bit funny. The Winery program works fine but I cannot find the installer download. You said that I should get the downloader from Battle. I created a new account with them and found the downloader but it needs a CD key.

How can I get past this? CD key generator? Hi, I have installed it and it works from the install. But when I exit the game I then cannot find it or work out how to open it again? Does that make sense. Thank you so much for your very usable guide! I had almost given up on the idea of playing any of the good old games on my mac.

I do have a couple of questions though, and would much appreciate any help you can provide: But the sound is gone. Any suggestions? Is there a way to change to a different version of wine without doing the whole installation over again? Is it the same issue as with Warcraft3? Sorry, sound has always worked for me…others have had better luck with other versions of wine.

Hi, thanks for the guide, Im trying to instal broodwar on Any ideas? This is really good news for me, i just bought the Diablo set and cant wait to play after so many years, thanks a lot for your help Mazzbar. I can play diablo 2 but i really want to play the expansion, do you recommend that start all over again or is there something else that I can do. What should I do? Ok, there is probably a really easy answer to this, but with RoC and FT in the same wrapper how do you choose which game you want to load?

Forget my question I did some tinkering and figured it out XD Thanks for the awesome guide! Got both RoC and FT to work perfect! Looking forward to playing these awesome games again! Hi, your guide is perfect, I have only one problem: Org X Server 1. Xunix will not be created. My Winery wont install any engines. The file downloader gets about halfway through each time before it cuts out and still shows there are no engines installed. Even when I try to update Winery to 2. I figured it out. Once I actually put Wineskin in the Apps folder it seems to work fine. Not sure why but good to go.

Thanks for the great walk through! Has anybody figured out how to play in full screen? I hate playing games in windowed mode. Anybody else get it to work? What wrapper version are you using if you did? Fullscreen works for me as you explained override option , but the game is very laggy. When I switch to a reduced windows it plays normally. Thanks dude. It can take a while. Good luck! Thanks for the info, I actually let it run all night and when I awoke it was completed.

Hey marzzbar, I recently downloaded wineskin, and I am trying to play D2 LOD, and I followed all the steps you told me, and when I try to run the install. So do I only need to download D2 from battle. Ah you know what? After I left a message to you on here I looked back at it and it had finished updating.

Works sort of.. Also when you get into a game lobby it is pitch black.