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We also back each with a generous warranty, so you can be confident you'll be able to enjoy your professional-grade tool storage systems for years to come.


The Mac Tools team draws on more than 75 years of experience in the automotive tool industry when designing our tool storage products , meaning they incorporate many features specifically to support work in a garage environment. For example, our MBUC mobile utility cart was created after years of observing how mechanics operate. The basic cart incorporates many innovative features, like a built-in power system, a durable top work surface, and slide-out top drawers, one of which is designed to hold a laptop or tablet.

Your local Mac Tools tool truck operator will be happy to help you customize a storage solution to meet your unique needs, delivering it right to your place of business for your convenience.

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You can also order online from us any time between tool truck stops, but we'll make sure to forward your order on to your local tool truck so you can receive the same outstanding service and support you've come to expect from your driver. To learn more about our professional-grade tool storage solutions, contact us or your local Mac Tools tool truck operator today.

Student Tech Programs. Commercial Accounts. Government Accounts. The Franchisee Opportunity. Request Information. Mac Tools Print Media. He was attracted to the chance to be his own boss and spend his time visiting different businesses. The DM met with him several times and explained the business and rode around with him to repair shops. Seagraves was in his early 40s and he felt he had the skills needed to be a tool distributor. He was experienced in sales and business management. He also liked working with people. When the people in the roundtable asked him what he was afraid of, he said he feared failure.

When they told him the possibility of failure is something that business owners have to accept, he overcame this fear. The next day, Seagraves signed on as a Mac Tools distributor. His DM helped him write a business plan. His DM handed him a list of customers in his area.

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Seagraves determined his weekly sales goal based on a five-year payback plan to cover his truck purchase and his starting inventory. He rented a storage space for his truck, and arranged to pick up his daily tool deliveries at a local UPS store. His prior sales experience came in handy. In his first week, Seagraves met his sales goal, despite the fact that some customers would not buy from him because they did not know him.

The Mac Tools business management software made it easy for him to keep on top of his inventory and receivables. The software also supported credit and debit card purchases, which accounted for most of his sales.

He uses an Intuit card processor. He learned quickly by asking his customers what each tool they bought is used for. The hardest part of the job in the beginning was paying for his purchases on schedule and updating his sales and collections on a daily basis. He was surprised by how much time it took to manage the business and meet his sales goal visiting 10 to 20 stops per day, five days a week.

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The first year was the hardest, since there were techs who would not buy from him until they were certain that he was going to stick it out beyond one year. Seagraves is grateful to his DM for his moral support, and for the other Mac Tools distributors he meets with periodically in Kansas City. In addition to the business advice he gains at these field excellence meetings FEMs , there are special offers on tools.

One of the most important traits a distributor needs to win customer trust is to be honest with them, Seagraves says. If you forget to bring them something they asked for, just be honest about it and they will not hold it against you.

All it takes is one time to break that trust. When a new tech comes on board at a shop, the other techs tell him to buy their tools from Seagraves. Seagraves visits a shop at least six times before deciding whether the shop is worth keeping on his route. Seagraves realized early on that some customers need help managing their finances.

If a customer has trouble making their weekly payments, he tells them not to buy anything until they have the money. If a customer has a good history with him, he will finance larger purchases on the truck as long as a down payment and weekly terms are agreed upon. Most techs recognize that good quality tools are not the cheapest, Seagraves says, and that the convenience he offers them by coming to the shop every week also carries a cost.

On occasion, some techs tell him that certain tools are available for a lower price on the Internet. One customer in the market for a scan tool told him an automotive parts store offered the tool for a lower price than Seagraves quoted him.

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When Seagraves told him to take the lower price, the customer was impressed with his honesty and has been a loyal customer ever since. Another reason they buy from him is that Mac Tools has a credit program that other sources do not offer. In addition, there is no service available from Internet websites or from chain retail stores. This past year, Seagraves introduced a loyalty rewards program that has helped his sales. Mac Tools credit program has been helpful for toolbox sales. Seagraves typically has one toolbox on his truck. To enhance his toolbox presentation, at the Tool Fair he ordered a Macsimizer Toolbox with a hutch and with drawers that were different colors so customers could see all the color options available in person.

He will also mount a video screen inside the hutch of that toolbox to show Mac Tools videos from the company's YouTube channel. Seagraves is not hesitant about breaking apart tool sets to sell individual items.

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Once a set is broken, he replaces the missing item and rewraps the set using a shrink wrapper. He has a video screen on his truck that plays a series of promotional pictures that Mac Tools supplies. He also mixes in pictures of his customers that have purchased toolboxes and tool carts. One customer who happens to be a woodworker is building Seagraves a moveable shelf for the rear of his truck. Popular new sellers include high lumen flashlights, alignment creepers, height adjustable stools and double-jointed, ergonomic pliers that offer more torque without opening as wide.

Techs are slowly gaining interest in reprogramming tools, he observes. Seagraves has also done well with the Mac Tools ET99 scanner. He has taken one from his inventory and made it a loaner that he lets customers use for a week at a time. Once they have used it for a week, it is an easy sell. He has been less aggressive selling capital equipment since he finds the automotive parts stores highly competitive in this segment.

He has sold some lifts and some compressors. Seagraves has found Facebook to be a great selling tool. He posts monthly Mac Tools promotions on his Facebook page, along with his own specials. The Facebook page allows customers to see new tools even before Seagraves brings them to the shop. Prior to the Tool Fair, he asks customers what they want him to find for them at the Tool Fair.

He also tells customers to follow him on Facebook to find out what specials he comes across at Tool Fair. He informs customers that if they text him orders by a certain time during the Tool Fair, they can get special deals. He also posts videos he takes with his iPad and a Bluetooth microphone. He has about over Facebook followers, and the number continues to grow. He posts messages at least daily. Seagraves also promotes his tools as the sponsor of a local film festival.

Every year, Seagraves and his wife, Janice, volunteer for one week at a camp near Kansas City for disadvantaged youngsters. During the first two weeks of the fundraiser, Seagraves had the box on his truck so his customers could see it. In the next two weeks, it was on display at the cancer center and tickets were sold at the gift shop.

At the request of a shop owner, Seagraves donated a DeWalt tool kit for a benefit auction to raise money to help a tech whose son suffered from cancer.