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This is very important to me since my business is dependent upon Quicken. Later versions of Quicken for Mac don't have check-writing capabilities which is so important. Many thanks for your help. Posted on Feb 4, 6: Page content loaded. Feb 4, 7: Is that as in year ?

If so it is probably a PPC only application. If you right click on the application icon in Applications folder does it say anything about being "PPC" or "Universal"? I believe some people set their computers to run two different operating system versions. One method is to simply restart from the newer system when you need it. Depending upon how much interfacing you need this can be a nuisance.

Another is a more complicated solution and that is to run Well I guess a third solution is to do what I do right now and that is have two computers. Feb 4, 8: VM Fusion. Snow Leopard server for use with the above. You may be told it is no longer available, depending on who you talk to. Ask to talk to someone else or call back. Feb 4, 9: I converted my years of work on Quicken Deluxe to Quicken back in early , when the Intel version fo Quicken was released:. Ask more than once if they attempt to sell you Quicken or for Mac, as these versions are not as robust as Quicken Use the chat feature for Quicken for Mac: Thanks anyway Ferd!

Thanks for the info here. I am a Quicken MAc user and am looking to upgrade my data file to the new version that was just released for Lion. I was not sure from the comments if it was possible to go directly from to Is the to conversion possible?

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If not, would it be possible for me to get the version that you were able to provide a few lucky people for conversion purposes only. Hey Brent, First of all, I know nothing of the new version. Are you already on Lion? If you have not converted to Lion yet, do your Quicken data file conversions first. Ferd, thanks for the file. But my Dear Ferd, I too like most here are having issues finding a means to convert my Q file to something a little more current for use with Q If you could also share your version of Q, I would forever be in your debt! Hey Ferd, thanks for the quick reply, dude, you are so awesome for helping out.

I actually have both Lion and Snow Leopard kept expressly for running the I will try the conversion in SL first and then see if I can get the file to import into the new version for Lion. I have almost 20 yrs of quicken data so hate to loose it. Well, bought the Lion compatible version and as expected it will only covert from or higher. So now I need to get my hands on a copy of so I can do the interim conversion. Brent, I tried sending the file but your mindspring email address rejected my response.

Do you have another email address I can use? Hey Ferd, I provided a different one to this message; hopefully that one will work. If not, I can have you put it on my iDisk public folder. I really appreciate your help! Hi Ferd, All this info is great-thank you. Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated! Hi Sue, sorry about the late response. The OLD version of Q should work out great. That avoids a lot of the trouble. I think your plan is good. Will any of the above mentioned conversions work for those of us who have ancient software: Any info would be greatly appreciated. Yes Deb, what I described will work for you.

I was also running Q when I did my conversion. Hey Ferd… I too, like many here, am having issues finding a way to convert my Q data base file to something more current to use with Q If you could so kindly share your version of Q I would be forever grateful. Thanks so much for the support and excellent feedback. Ferd, Thanks so much for the info. My plan is to buy a new MAC of some sort and hoping the converted Quicken files will be ok on the new system.

I know many have asked you for the Q but would it be possible to supply me with it as well? Hi Ferd, great post. That would still be cheaper for me than what I would have to do to follow your steps.

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I had an old mac with OSX I just bought a new mac mini with Lion. So now I would have to buy a mac with snow leopard not enough memory to load it on my old mac mini just to convert this old QIF file. Mitchell Rosenwald I need help getting a version of quicken. I need to covert my , so I can use it on my os Do you have a copy of your quicken? If so, would you be willing to let me borrow it, or buy it even? I need it to convert my files to on its way to Lion. I would be eternally grateful if you can help me. Thank you for such an excellent write-up of your experience converting an older Quicken data file.

I would be most, most grateful! Hi Justin If you did get a copy of the QFMdmg would it be possible for you to send it on to me as I need to go through the same process. Cheers Bob. I have the same problem with a customer who has Quicken She has now Quicken for Lion but the problem is that we need Quicken to do the intermediate conversion from to then to Any help would be appreciated. Would anyone be willing to sell their copy?

Many thanks. I would go through the steps of conversion and then after about 5 minutes in the memorized transactions step, it would crash. I even tried deleting my two memorized transactions first, but same result. Same result. Hi This is a most helpful website for us all that have the Quicken for Mac problem. It would be greatly appreciated. Reading this great comment thread, it sounds like you may have a version? If so, it would be a huge help so I can get this file converted.

Sorry to inconvenience you… but this software is almost impossible to find online considering how old it is. I think I have now read everything written on this topic, along with all of the comments here, plus a couple of your wonderful blog posts. I have concluded that you may be the only person alive with a copy of Quicken for the Mac that is being made available for file conversion from So, may I please get a copy of the coveted application? In any case, bless you for the customer service that Intuit fails to provide. Hi Ferd — I have Quicken I feel the way you do about my Quicken data.

Should I try to do what you did? I need help getting a version of quicken.

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I have been using Quicken I am in awe about your partitioning solution, but I have no clue how to do it. Is there anyone out there with a copy of Quicken ? I have the exact same problem you had, Q moved to Lion, no-workie. I do wish the solution was simpler, but I think I can do just what you did using my old laptop. For some unknown reason, my Quicken file is now corrupt.

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I have been unable to email it to the last few people who requested it. I will try to recover it from an old backup, but for now I am unable to provide it. I have compressed my copies of Quicken and Quicken PPC into zip files, so that they do not get corrupted by email. I still need to convert my Quicken 04, could I please get a copy of 06? Thanks for being our saviors, Ferd and Michael! Dear Ferd, you seem to have saved half the planet by now!

I am in need of Quicken like many others and cannot find it on Amazon etc. If your file is OK I would be most grateful for a copy. Not half the planet yet, LOL, but this post has had over 9, views. I am shocked and humbled! Let me know if it worked out. Dear Ferd, I too am in need of your services! Thanks in advance for your help! I have now a power pc g4 mac running os10 4. It sounds like from your previous answers that will run On my computer I hope I knew someday my computer would be obsolete, but have been putting off buying a new one until I absolutely had to.

Looks like that day has come, no one is supporting power pc anymore.

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Losing all my old money info would really hurt, thanks for any help you can offer. Ferd—I too am in the need of Q for Macs. I tried to jump from Q to Mountain Lion! Clearly I was clueless about the problems that would entail. I am hoping converting and then Q for Lion will do the trick but I am holding my breath.

Your post is so popular because people are frustrated. So thanks for any help you can provide! Remember, you will need to run Quicken for the data conversion on a Mac that supports Rosetta and Mountain Lion does not. Thankfully, Michael, I still have my old computer that I can run Quicken on and do the conversion. Usually I wait until my old computer fails but I am so grateful I switched before that happened.

Thanks for the Q I was able to convert my data and run Quicken for Lion on Mountain Lion, for anyone else who is wondering. Dear Ferd, Thanks for all your efforts. I have Quicken and I am in need of Quicken like many others and cannot find it anywhere. I called Quicken and they told me to find someone with the old version. I would be most grateful for a copy.

I will do anything to get ahold of a copy of Quicken I am one of those who just stuck with for Mac and found that it worked fine. Just bought a new MacBook Pro and am totally hosed. Please e-mail me and I will pay just about anything to get for Mac. But thanks for the offer! I go back to Quicken 4; what version did you start with? My first personal computer was a Mac II Ci. I do recall trying to track my investments, diligently entering them daily, only to have all the historical information lost every time I would upgrade to a new version — probably part of the reason I quit upgrading after Quicken Ferd was great and sent me a copy of Quicken Yeah, I think Quicken used to keep certain data in its Application folder of all places!?!

Maybe lost when you moved computers and reinstalled it. Maybe that will work for him in Leopard; I do not know why Q is not working…. I think I see what the problem is. Is there a non-Classic version out there somewhere? Seems as thought there should be, as my works under OS X Under the preview there is an international do not enter sign in grey and white, and a tiny bit of the Quicken logo in color in the lower right hand corner.

Is there a way to send you a screenshot on this discussion board? I think it all has to do with the fact that the application is in Classic mode, for reasons unbeknownst to me. Thank-you so much! I did look at a few other discussion groups who suggested switching programs, with MoneyDance sounding like the best bet. Making progress thanks to you all! Will keep you posted when a solution finally arrives.

A million thanks to Ferd and Michael, once again! Ferd, I want everyone to know you sent me a copy of Quicken and after I updated my files on my old computer and transferred it to my Air, it now works with my Quicken I truly appreciate your help and dedication to helping all of us through this issue. I do not understand why Intuit does not seemingly care a whit about their users proven by their lack of meaningful support. Is that act of affirmation for their customers too much to ask? I travel a lot and had to maintain my accounts on my old computer, traveling with the two of them, until Ferd came through.

What are they thinking? Thank you again Ferd. You are so right. It would be a simple act of good faith for Quicken to provide an easy download to the old Quicken so people could do their file translations and continue to use their newer products! Hi, This is all Greek to me, but I too have this issue… only its with the version. Now what do I do?? Are you saying I have no recourse at all, except to start over?

Why have data on computers if every few years my entire financial existence is erased??!! Any thoughts would be appreciated. Ferd is spot on correct! Assumably they upgraded your Mac to Lion or Mountain Lion. I too need to convert my old Q data to Q before I can convert further. Could you send me a copy of your Q I copied the file to a flash drive and then opened the file using the Q lion compatible on my newer iMac running I plan to purchase a new Mac with Mt Lion. Will I be able to purchase Quicken and use my Quicken data files on my new Mac? I am not sure if QE will support my needs.

Debbie, You should be able to go from Q directly to the new Q without any problems. I had to use your partition method to get around this issue. I like TurboTax, but I will at least look around for alternatives to that, too. I do not appreciate companies intentionally making my life harder for reasons I cannot understand.

I cannot fathom how a company could be so willing to piss off so many of its loyal customers. I then got really desperate and had someone remotely control my computer in order to upgrade. He told me I need or in order to eventually use Quicken Essentials. I noticed that you offered to make a copy for someone. I am happy to purchase a copy from you if that is still an option. My whole life from the last several years is on that.

By the way, I really detest Intuit for the complete and total lack of support. Thank you so much. I have just done this.

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I was running Quicken ! Will Q convert the files to a version the QE will convert again? Where can I get Q? Anyone want to convert my files for me and email them back? That would be so much easier. I mainly used it as a checkbook, as you mention — and really just need access in case of emergency to my old file to look things up etc. I also have an old macmini that is an os I am considering updating this old mac mini just to see my files for an other year or so and in the meantime starting a new data file on my mountain lion system.

Could you help me out as well. A million thanks. I have Q files. I already updated to mountain lion because I thought i was going to switch and use mint. Do i need quicken or to convert my files? And then will my files work if I buy quicken essentials for my mac running mountain lion? Spent hours every day trying to find a solution.

I am blessed to have stumbled my way here. I started with the first mac SE Running quicken since have Q, running I am the 84 yr old grandma who loves keeping records and playing games. Can you please send me Q I lost my appl disk and am afraid if my computer crashed I could not convert my backup.

Thank you so much for helping so many. I was two minutes away from pushing the button to purchase the Mountain Lion upgrade currently using Is Essentials the only Mac Quicken available for purchase now? Hi Ferd, can I too add my request for a copy of Quicken 06? I am using Quicken and looking to upgrade to the Lion version… I have access to a pre-Lion computer til Monday! Many thanks! Yet another humble request for an emailed copy of Quicken for Mac or , if possible, please. I then used the terminal mode restart on the old Mac and connected to the new iMac intel running OSX I opened the Quicken for Mac Lion compatible version on the new mac and used the open file option from the file drop down menu.

All accounts and balances transferred into the new Lion version. Now not everything transferred over to the new version but the accounts all did with correct balances as well. The items missing were mostly preferences and setup configurations. These were easily matched with the old by adding upcoming and scheduled bills, hide and show accounts in the accounts window, toolbar accounts, and quickfill transactions.

I just copied manually the scheduled bills. Edited the accounts shown and hidden at the same time as I checked the accounts I wanted shown in the toolbar. I used the registers to re-spell a word in old transactions and hit enter to create new quickfill items. I finished the conversion by editing the toolbars to match what I was using in the version and that was enough for me to get rolling. So, long story short, no Quicken Essentials conversion, no Quicken for Mac , , conversion from Essentials, and no conversion back to from Essentials was needed.

No file exchange utility needed. I know if you try to save a copy, it creates a. Just food for thought. Additional info…………. I created a fake bank account in the new Q for Lion. Wha La…… all the quickfill items populated. Now if I can just figure out how to get the scheduled transactions to also populate from the old version, I would have a step by step upgrade without having to purchase the QE. I am just tweaking and playing with the setup to see what else it will actually import despite Quicken saying that is incompatible.

I would be very grateful for any help on getting a copy of Quicken or to use as a stepping stone. Next problem: Lion, which I have been avoiding to do because I use Q I read through what everyone said,,. I have used Quicken since my first Mac Classic and rely on it. I am the treasurer of a local charity, strictly volunteer work. I just got this MacBook Air and bought Quicken essentials, probably a mistake. But anyhow I guess the thing to do is get Quicken as you have done for so many. I have the new CD on order. Can you help me?

Another in a long line of Mac faithfuls that never dreamed Apple would not warn me of my Quicken becoming unusable upon upgrading to Mountain Lion. Thanks so much. I was able to download the latest version of Q that works with Mountain Lion. Then I opened my data file on an older laptop running Quicken and saved it as a qif file. I emailed that to myself, downloaded it onto my newer iMac with Q and imported it in. Worked like a charm.

Thanks for your willingness to help. Reading your post and all the comments really helped. Excellent Ruth! Maybe your solution will help someone else reading this, so thank you for posting it! Ferd, you sound like the Saint of Quicken Conversion.

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Christopher, just to give you some more details: Hope that helps! Ruth, I could e-kiss you! Thank you, thank you: I would not have had the answer for Christopher. So, thank you Ruth. And thank you both for posting it on this thread for others to see! I opened the app and it asked to open a file. I must have a quicken files of one type or another after all these years of use and automatic backups. I tried to locate the latest ones I used info helped and opened them. Seems fine.

I have lost the ability to switch from one account to another without using the apple menu. Looks like I will have to open each one individually the first time I use it. Good Luck. Yes, that was the problem with most of us using even older versions of Quicken. Christopher Ruth, I could e-kiss you! Thought it was odd that the import menus were all greyed out. Any chance you can send me a copy of Quicken ? Thanks for all the information on how to do the conversion. I hope it works for me. Here is another needy request for Q I have tons of stuff on Q and really need to use your work around to get my records into Mountain Lion but cannot find a copy of Q Just upgraded to Mountain Lion and found our afterwards that Q no longer works.

Could you send me a copy of Q Thanks Gary. Hello Ferd, I am having the same issue as Doug above. I have a decade of info in Quicken and need Quicken to do the conversion. Would you be able to send me a copy? Many, many, many thanks in advance!! Hello Ferd, I have Quicken and I am urgently in need of Quicken like so many other posters on this most helpful website. Would you be able to send me a copy—I would be most appreciative!

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Thank you. Heather I was two minutes away from pushing the button to purchase the Mountain Lion upgrade currently using Is it possible to send me one? Much appreciated if you can help. I have been following your solutions to the Quicken upgrade problem. I also have Q I believe I need to upgrade to Quicken on my older Mac G5. I believe I first have to upgrade my operating system from OS Which is the latest operating system my old G5 can handle. I have ordered OS Does this sound like it might work?? I was happily using Quicken , when all my financial data from the past 15 years disappeared.

I am not as tech savvy as many of you, and it looks like Intuit is just leaving me in the cold. Please tell me what to do to access my info. I purchased Quicken Essentials, but that looks like it is useless right now. I am experiencing the same problem as well. Fortunately I still have my old mac but am searching for a copy of Quicken or so I can upgrade before moving everything over to my new iMac. Any ideas where I can get this????? I was able to download Quicken from the Quicken help web site. It updated my Ooh, this is new info.

They must have done this recently. Many of us have complained to Intuit about their not helping provide a way to do these translations. It appears they finally listened! Thanks for posting this, Gail! Thank god for good people like you are are willing to do as much as you do for total strangers. I too need an older copy of Quicken so I may update my quicken files. I have a second Mac running OSX Would you be willing to send me an old copy of Quicken that can run on that version of the OS and update my files for use on a Any chance you could send me a copy of Quicken , so I can update her database file?

And It all works perfectly. Thanks for Quicken essentials will not run on Mountain Lion, but does. Got rid of Essentials from my new Mac Book Air. Could you send me the Quicken so I can perform the same magic? Thanks, Howard. Now I need to a copy of Quicken to open years of Quicken data so I can then convert them to a format readable by Quicken Thanks to all on this thread as I was another person trying to go from Quicken to a machine running Made the data base updates through Quicken as explained above.