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How To Fix App Store Download Errors and Issues

What can I do? Christian Woerz Christian Woerz 7 Have you tried different internet connections? Are other internet things slow? Have you tried rebooting?

Howto fix Deutsche Telekom slow Mac App Store download speeds

Go to speedtest. To download with normal speed again, you can do the following trick: These first two steps weren't necessary for me and it worked for me without doing that. Perhaps some necessary ports or App Store servers are blocked from access via your router settings. In many schools and institutions, the App Store is blocked to prevent bandwidth hogs from stealing all the download bandwidth with large app downloads.

In this case, you would need to give them a call to find out.

macos - The Download of Apps from the Mac App Store is very slow - Ask Different

This of course means slow or non-existent App Store downloads. If the problem is affecting more than one of your devices on the network, then instead of configuring DNS settings on each and every individual device, you might want to configure custom DNS settings from the wireless router itself, as this change will affect every device that connects to it and provide better performance for everybody. We have an in-depth tutorial explaining how to log into your wireless router and configure custom DNS settings for all devices on your network that could help you through this troubleshooting step.

In some rare scenarios, VPN software, firewall software, and anti-virus software can actually hinder your internet usage.

Troubleshooting slow app downloads

False negatives can flag the software to block incoming and outgoing connections to the App Store, and this will certainly cause connectivity issues. On a Mac, it could be any combination of the three, but on an iOS device, all you really need to check for is an active VPN connection. A support representative can walk you through additional steps that may help get your App Store downloads sped up or working as you would expect them to. Most problems are related to something small and stupid, and one of the steps above can point you into the right direction.

Why are my App Store downloads so slow?

If not, Apple is always around to help you. Have you ever experienced slower than normal App Store download speeds? If so, what caused your specific problem?

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Try this Anthony Bouchard on May 2, Apple's App Stores have never been the fastest or most stable applications for the Mac, but they were acceptable. On my new MacBook Air, the Mac App Store displayed a beachball on launch, quit, and everything in between including simple actions like loading a new Category.

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That was until 10 minutes ago, when reader Stu Helm sent me this tip from his personal blog that almost magically fixed my issues with the Mac App Store. From a quick search online, I can see this is a rather old fix -- I didn't know about it. Like I said, it worked perfectly on my machine, and now the App Store's slowness only depends on the speed of my Internet connection.