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Pro Tools 7. Company Listed alphabetically by Company Name. Avid Digidesign Plug-ins: Avid Digidesign A. Brilliance Pack. TG Limiter. TG Mastering Pack. Ableton Note: Documents saved with Live 8. Live Lite. Virus Indigo TDM. Auto-Tune 7 TDM. Auto-Tune Evo. Auto-Tune EFX 2. Auto-Tune EFX. AVOX Evo. Harmony EFX. Harmony Engine Evo.

Mic Mod EFX. Auto-Tune TDM. Auto-Tune Native. AVOX 2. Pro Tools HD 8. Logic Pro 9. Logic Pro 8. Lounge Lizard EP Tassman 4. Ultra Analog VA String Studio VS Strum Acoustic GS Strum Electric GS Analog Factory full version. Analog Factory SE. ARP V. Minimoog V. Moog Modular V2. Prophet V. Rocket Science. Complete Production Toolkit 2. Complete Production Toolkit. DV Toolkit 2. Installation Info. Eleven LE. Impact HD Accel. Maxim free. MP3 Option included starting with Pro Tools 9. Music Production Toolkit. Reel Tape Suite. Reel Tape Saturation. ReVibe HD Accel. R Advanced Instrument Research.

Structure LE. Pro Tools 8: Avid Digidesign Bomb Factory. Bomb Factory BF-3A. Cosmonaut Voice. Fairchild Bundle. Pultec Bundle.

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SansAmp PSA-1 free. Slightly Rude Compressor. Tel-Ray Variable Delay. Voce Bundle. Avid Digidesign Trillium Lane Labs. TL Aggro. TL AutoPan free.


TL Drum Rehab. TL EveryPhase. TL Space — Native Edition. Master Perfection Suite. SoundSoap Pro.

Slate Digital FG-X Dynamics Rack Plug-in Free Download | Go AudiO

Digital Peak Meter Pro. FreqAnalyst Multi. FreqAnalyst Pro. Gain Suite. Liny EQ. MB-5 Dynamix. MB-7 Mixer. Oscilloscope Multi. Remote Control. Stereo Chorus. Stereo Flanger. Stereo Liny EQ. Stereo Parametr'EQ. Stereo Phaser. StereoScope Multi. StereoScope Pro. Stereo Triple EQ. Triple EQ. Widening Liny EQ. Widening Parametr'EQ. Widening Triple EQ. Alchemy Player.

Melodyne essential. Melodyne assistant. Melodyne editor. Melodyne studio. Melodyne plugin. Melodyne essential without RTAS. Phoenix TDM. RA TDM. Dynamics TDM. DUY Analog Bundle. DUY Global Bundle. Magic Spectrum. AirEQ 5. ELS Vocoder. Anthology II see Downloads for individual products. Timeless 2. Volcano 2. Twin 2. Epure II. Ircam HEar.

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Ircam Spat. Ircam VERB. Pure Analyzer System. Pure DCompressor II. Pure DExpander II. Pure Expander II. Pure Limiter II. Solera II. BitterSweet II free. Stereo Tool free. Forte Suite.

Slate Digital FG-X Mastering Suite

Liquid Mix HD. Scarlett Plug-in Suite. BFD Eco. BFD Lite. Synth Squad. GRM Tools Evolution. SampleTank 2 SE. May Alert for Snow Leopard Users: Izotope Mac OS X Ozone 4 Ozone 3 legacy. RX 2 RX 2 Advanced. RX legacy RX Advanced legacy. Stutter Edit. Legacy Collection — Digital Edition. Lexicon All require Pro Tools 7.

Amp Farm. Echo Farm. H3D Binaural Spatializer. MDW EQ 1. Drum Replacement Tool.

TapeHead Saturator. L Mastering Limiter. TD5 Tape Delay. THC Distortion Stompbox. McDSP v5. Analog Channel. Channel G. Channel G Compact. Channel G Surround. Chrome Tone. Synthesizer One. The FG-X 1. The email continues with more information. Basically, this is our old plugin with updated 64 bit support. They are doing this to buy more development time while trying not to disenfranchise users who have been waiting.

It's a good move, and I thank Steven Slate for making this available. It also means they won't be rushing and tempted to push an unfinished product out the door. He assures us that the new version is coming later this year, and I look forward to it, but I'm glad I can use my old one again. I'm no longer using any 32 to 64 bit conversion wrappers Shooshie.

As for 2. Fabrice does so,e great work! MacPro 5. Mac Pro 2x2. I did a restart yesterday to no avail. Oh well it's there now. Seems to be working okay. I can see the presets just fine. Well that's good news I think this means Slate is all bit at this point. Charge a small fee; anything to help pay for their work. Companies that do free upgrades have trouble in the long run. Or at least, don't do that very often! I wish they wouldn't make the upgrade free.

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