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Workshop carts; tool carts; tool trolleys; structural accessories, parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods; vehicle seat covers, and their parts and accessories; automobile structural parts and accessories; motorcycles and bicycles, and their structural parts and accessories. Suitcases; bags and sacks, namely tool bags made of fabric and leather; backpacks; fabric tote bags; fabric tool tote bags; fabric pouches; leather tool bags and pouches sold empty.

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Workbenches; drawers for workbenches being parts of furniture; non-metal tool cases and boxes of plastic; plastic trays for storage of tools; sales display stands; sales display cases; display boards; shelves and storage racks being furniture; metal racks for tool storage; mechanics' rolling seats; roller cabinets; structural parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods; packing containers made of woods, bamboos or plastic; cushions; Japanese floor cushions; pillows; mattresses; key cabinets in the nature of a board for hanging keys; hand-held folding fans.

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Netwrix Auditor for Windows Server. Netwrix Auditor for Exchange.


Netwrix Auditor for Oracle Database. Netwrix Auditor for VMware. Netwrix Auditor for SharePoint. Netwrix Auditor for Network Devices. Go Up. Netwrix Account Lockout Examiner. Freeware account lockout tool that alerts you to account lockouts in real time and helps you quickly troubleshoot and resolve them.

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How much time do you spend handling account lockout issues in AD without a lockout tool? It also helps them identify the root cause whenever an Active Directory account keeps locking out, so they can quickly restore normal operations. Detect account lockouts in real time.


When an account lockout happens, help desk staff receive an email alert with a link to the details. You can choose to be alerted only when specified accounts are locked out. Identify the root cause. Helps find the root cause of a lockout, such as improperly mapped network drives, services or scheduled tasks running under stale credentials, or disconnected remote desktop sessions. Unlock accounts faster. Enables you to quickly unlock user accounts through a convenient web-based console or even via email sent from your mobile device.

Reduce pressure on the help desk. Even before end users pick up the phone, help desk personnel already have all the details they need to quickly troubleshoot account lockouts. Prove compliance.

Helps you demonstrate that your Active Directory lockout policy is properly enforced, as mandated by compliance regulations. Fulfill SLAs. Business-critical applications often use service accounts. The tool can alert administrators immediately if a service account gets locked, so they can minimize the impact on the business. Use the right Active Directory tool to unlock user accounts faster Our free software overcomes the limitations of other AD account lockout tools , enabling IT administrators and help desk staff to detect lockout-related event IDs, identify the root cause of each lockout and unlock accounts — all with one simple tool.